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Prosecution of YBGK lawyers must adhere to due process 28 Oktober 2016 Steven Thiru, President, Malaysian Bar
Islamic Framework for Annual Budget 28 Oktober 2016 Dr Mohd Zuhdi Marzuki, Director of PAS Research Centre
Malaysia Economic Outlook: What say you... 28 Oktober 2016 Saleh Mohammed
Politic Master Class by PAS 07 Oktober 2016 Abu Musab
Malaysian Economy: What say you... 18 September 2016 Saleh Mohammed
Rio 2016 – An Olympiad of firsts, bests and lasts 18 September 2016 V Thomas
Tahajjud - The Night Whisperer 18 September 2016 Musa Ismail
US President - Outside the Box and 5000/1 18 September 2016 Saleh Mohammed
Being free from sin through Hajj 31 Ogos 2016 MuslimVillage
Indifference to a humanitarian tragedy 31 Ogos 2016 ICRC
Merdeka, Merdeka, Merdeka... 31 Ogos 2016 Saleh Mohammed
Japan warns China of deteriorating ties over sea dispute 10 Ogos 2016 Reuters
The world's 'most-loved' airlines revealed 10 Ogos 2016 Reuters
Zika's origin and global spread 10 Ogos 2016 Reuters
Social media’s unexpected role in Turkey coup attempt 10 Ogos 2016 Harun Yahya
Can We Emulate Him... 10 Ogos 2016 Saleh Mohammed, Kuala Lumpur
1MDB - My plea to The Yang di-Pertuan Agong 10 Ogos 2016 Saleh Mohammed, Kuala Lumpur
Let’s keep Harakah’s flag fly high… 10 Ogos 2016 LanH, [email protected]
Root cause and consequences... the Malaysian context 20 Julai 2016 Saleh Mohammed
Heart breaking stories during 'raya rounds'... 20 Julai 2016 LanH, [email protected]